Learning and Teaching

Learn how to read and understand the Bible.  Once you understand what it meant to the people who first read and heard it, you'll have a much clearer idea of how to apply it to your life today.

Teach what you learn to others around you.  As any good teacher will tell you, teaching is one of the best ways to really learn something. 



Being is not something you have to do.  It is simply who you are...and who you are becoming.  Reading the Bible changes you; reading the Bible regularly is a transformative experience.

Take time to meditate on what you are learning. Take time to allow what you learn to change the way you think, to transform your character.



Doing.  Acting on what you learn and making decisions based on who you are becoming.  Reading the Bible gives you many examples of behavior to emulate...and to avoid.

Knowledge is good and transformation is of great value, however both achieve their perfection in a life well lived.